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Nostalgia in cast iron

Steel-iron poles:

Poles - steel with cast iron base - type STŻ1

Poles - steel with cast iron base - type STŻ2

Poles - steel with cast iron base - type STŻ3

  • Technical description: ukcja słupa
  1. Cast iron base of pole:
    • type STŻ1H= 82cm G = 58kg
    • type STŻ2H=120cm G = 64kg
    • type STŻ3 H=105 cm G = 57 kg
  2. Steel parts of the poles are made from steel pipes R35. Pipe dimensions: 76,1x6,3, 63,5x4,0. Arms are made from steel pipes 1" or 1,1/4" depends of type of pole. 
  • Heads description.
    Pole's heads type STŻ1, STŻ2, STŻ3 are made with acc. to proposed project.
  • Corrosion protection.
    we porpose two types of corrosion protection:
  1. Hot dip galvanizing and painting (see below)
  2. Standard painting:
    • primer UN1COR-C
    • topcoat 3 x AUTORENOLAK black mat or STALKOLOR mat
  3. For individual request of customer - all colours with acc. to RAL table.
  • Foundations.
    Foundations from concrete class B20 with steel (18G2) grid  with anchors (rod= dia 16). Foundation's dimensions H= 80 cm.
  • foundation type F1 for poles type SŻ, SŻP
  • foundation type F2 for poles type SŻ1, SŻ1P, STŻ2 i STŻ3
  • foundation type F3 for poles type STŻ1